5 More Mac Malware Myths and Misconceptions

There are plenty of myths about malware in general, but Macs especially seem to attract an extra dose of mythos due to a smug sense of invulnerability among the Mac community. We covered 10 malware myths that refuse to die for USA Today, but there are plenty more than 10 misconceptions being passed around. Of the many reasons to love Macs, immunity to danger is not one of them. For a while now, people have felt a sense of security because they’re on an operating system that doesn’t inspire hundreds of thousands of new malware a day. But the total number of malware crawling around the Internet waiting to infect your computer is less important than this simple fact: it only takes one to ruin your day. By going out on the Internet with a false sense of safety, you can leave yourself more open to that malware bullet with your name on it.

So what are some of the biggest Mac malware misconceptions that need to be cleared up? Here are five of the most prevalent ones:

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Auteur: Rob van Vroenhoven