Yormac Apple Service and Support

Yormac provide service & support in the purchase and use of Apple Macintosh computers.


  • System management, installation, maintenance & security of OS X systems.
  • Troubleshooting & First Aid
  • Configurating & securing (WiFi) networks.
  • Installation, configuration and security Routers / Modems
  • Backup & Data Recovery procedures.
  • Upgrade for hard disks, memory and other components


  • Support in the use of Apple Computers, the OS X operating system and various software packages. The support is by email, remote management via Remote Desktop or Apple iChat, by phone or at your workplace.
    Yormac handles the switch from Windows to Apple.


  • Buying and using Apple hardware and software.
  • Advice in the choice of various software packages: commercial, open source, freeware software. Yormac also provides installation, implementation and configuration of this software.
  • By working with various parties and suppliers Yormac can also arrange the purchase of Apple computers, products, components & parts, at very competitive prices. Yormac is a supplier of:
    General: Apple, Belkin, Lacie, OWC, Newertech, Caldigit, Black Magic, Elgato, Sonnet, LMP, ICY Dock, Netstor
    Memory: Samsung, CSX, Nanya, Hynix
    Hard disks / SSD / SSHD: Western Digital, Samsung, Seagate, Hitachi, OWC, Intel, Crucial
    Networking: AVM GmbH, Draytek, Meraki